BLOOM 2017 Agenda

Friday, July 21, 2017

2:00 PM        Registration Begins

5:00 PM        Holy Mass Offered

6:00 PM        Supper

7:00 PM        Opening Program

9:30 PM        Night Prayer

Saturday, July 22, 2017

7:00 AM         Holy Mass Offered

7:40 AM         Morning Prayer

8:00 AM         Breakfast

9:00 AM         Intro

9:20 AM         The Gift of the Feminine Body with Katrina Zeno

10:20 AM      Heart Workshops*

12:00 PM       Lunch

1:15 PM         Q&A

2:00 PM         My Response: Accept or Reject  with Danielle Peters

3:00 PM         Soul Workshops*

4:15 PM         Time to BLOOM!

6:15 PM         Banquet

7:30 PM         Praise & Worship, Adoration

9:30 PM         Night Prayer

Sunday, July 23, 2017

8:00 AM         Morning Prayer

8:30 AM         Breakfast

9:40 AM         Panel and Closing Thoughts

11:00 AM       Closing Mass

12:30 PM       Lunch

*Participants are able to choose two of the three sessions to attend during this time. 

Break Out Sessions

SESSION 1* 10:30AM-10:50AM, 11:00AM-11:20AM

The One Flesh Union and the
Ultimate Happiness
We have been designed and created for happiness. God has created us for him, in whom we will find that ultimate happiness. Seeking him opens our hearts to the happiness that really fills our hearts.

The Corporal Reality of Femininity
God has blessed us with the gift of femininity, which is seen through certain physical dimensions. It is essentially these unique features which give us a certain power and grace that can be a gift to the world.

Practical Living: Health and Beauty
Our bodies are sacred temples of the Holy Spirit and they deserve the greatest care! The way we carry ourselves sends a message to the world. Learn fun and easy practical tips to give your body the care that it deserves.

SESSION 2* 3:15PM-3:35PM, 3:45PM-4:05PM

The Hidden Crown
Above your head lies a crown of purity, a crown that represents your worth and value. No matter what vocation God calls you to, this crown of purity stays
with you. How do we care for this crown?

The Secret Song of my Heart
Emotions can either be a friend or an enemy. They are a gift from God and can enhance and lift up others.  When we uplift others, we lift up ourselves. Learn to sing the song of God’s love, mercy, and peace!

The Flame of God’s Will in Me
God is always speaking to us. The Holy Spirit, burning in our hearts, is warming our hearts to be open to God’s voice. The Holy Spirit cleanses our hearts in order to fulfill his plan. Learn to listen to the soft voice.