Summer Camp Helping Opportunities

You may be familiar with the Schoenstatt Summer Camps and the beautiful experience they have certainly meant for you and your friends. You know very well how much our Catholic girls can benefit from our deep love for Mary. You know that this love for Mary is not accidental. It is the core of our education in Schoenstatt. It is a guarantee for our love for Christ and the Church. Just as no one here on earth loved our Lord more than Mary, we want to learn to educate our hearts to love like her. Through songs, games, time for work and service, the sacraments and other activities as part of the program of our Schoenstatt Summer Camps, we want to continue providing many girls across the USA with a deep Marian experience. Would you be interested in becoming an instrument and convey this love to many other girls?

Here in Wisconsin, there are many ways to get involved in helping out:

  • Week Camp Counselors: Young women ages 14 and older are invited to help with the Summer Camp Weeks. They may help in no more than two sessions.
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  • Ver Sacrum Missionaries: Young women ages 18 and older are invited to help with the Summer Camp Weeks as Ver Sacrum Missionaries. They are, together with the sisters, in charge of the whole program. They may help with as many weeks as possible, or even for the whole summer. Since this might take the place of a “summer job,” missionaries will receive a stipend for each of the weeks they are able to help with.
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  • Kitchen Helpers: Young women ages 14 and older are invited to help in the kitchen (dishes and cooking) and dining rooms (cleaning and setting up) during the Summer Camp Weeks.
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  • Camp moms: Every family needs a mother! Moms are also invited to help with the camp weeks. Their task is to provide adult supervision, distribute medications, help keep the order of the rooms and the schedule, etc. They are, above all, a great support for the sisters in charge of the program. Please contact Sr. María José if you are interested in helping as camp mom.