I thought the talks were good.  They explained how to live as Marian Apostles in everyday life.  We need to go to Mass every week and on Holy Days.  
We need to pray the Consecration Prayer every day.  We need to use good media instead of bad media.  Using good media means to read and watch the good things and not the bad things.  The weather can tell you if there is a tornado or storm and you can call someone if something is happening and they should be prepared for it.  We need to give everything we have to the Blessed Mother to become a Marian Apostle. Just to do something like smile can make a bad day into a good day, or hold a door or do something at home without being asked.  The motto for this weekend was “Marian Apostles, the time is now!” Fr. Kentenich is saying this – he is saying the time is now to be a Marian Apostle, not later.  The Girls Youth motto for the year is “The time is now, burn fearlessly!” We need to be Marian Apostles without being afraid.  I really enjoyed the weekend camp it was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed making new friends and going to the Shrine everyday. It was a lot of fun.

 – Maria Doll, age 9

Note by Emmaline Gappa (communication Representative):
 “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He called a child over, placed it in their midst, and said, “Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And  whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me.” (MT 18: 2-6)
Girls celebrating Covenant day

As Minnesota Youth, we are pretty scattered throughout the state. It can be a trip to visit either the shrine or each other. But still we wanted some way to unite to renew our Covenant. So, as the leaders, in celebration of Covenant Day we united together in a renewal of the Covenant. We had a common prayer and song that we all prayed in our own little places.

And on the 14th, a few of us were able to actually meet and burn our Contributions to the Capital of Grace that we had collected in our room shrine over the past month! We had to wear our winter jackets – and it was hard to tell whether more smoke came from the dying fire or from our breath – but it was very nice!

Prayers and blessings to you all from Minnesota!

~ Cor Unum in Patre! ~

On September 29, the feast of the Archangels, during a special Mass in the Shrine – we were happy to be able to welcome 6 beautiful young ladies as official members of our MN SGYW! A group of our young ladies from Ham Lake, Mn sealed their Covenant of Love! Please keep them in your prayers as their hearts burn with the new light of the Covenant!


Here’s a thought for you in this month of the Covenant. Right now we are in a time of renewal, we are to Burn Fearlessly so that Schoenstatt may be brought to future generations. Our hearts must be set on fire anew – so that we can go forward with confidence. What is the fire that should light our hearts? Our Covenant! This shall be our guiding star! So – a challenge to us all. How often do we renew our Covenant? During the War, Joseph Engling would renew his covenant 10 times daily! This was in the midst of a war. We are in a very similar position in our world today. How often can we renew our own Covenants? How many little moments do we have throughout the day that we can lift up our hearts to our Covenant partner in a little contribution to the Capital of Grace or say a “My Queen, My Mother” ?

Shrine in the snow

Greetings from Minnesota!

I hope that you all have been having a fantastic Month of the Rosary and of the Covenant! This is Covenant Month ‘18, truly a time filled with plenty of extra graces for the asking! Our Mother is offering graces in abundance – she waits in the shrine with open hands overflowing with graces that she longs to share with her beloved children! Don’t be afraid to ask for as many as you can – the month is nearly over! The Time is Now! 🙂

I don’t know how it’s been for you, but here in Minnesota we have been experiencing some fun weather! We have gotten some snow already! Nothing has stayed, but we’ve gotten some anywhere from fun little flurries to about an inch! It’s been a beautiful little warning to enjoy the last few warm days we have left to us!



Author Anonymous


Here I stand in in awe;

With snowflakes all around.

Dancing in their pretty way,

Until they reach the ground.


Their journey could be long,

The wind blows them as it please.

On adventures through the sky;

Past hills and lakes and trees.


The world is big and scary,

For a tiny, frail snowflake.

But it has a great mission,

It’s goal to undertake.


For our Father saw his children,

Trembling in the cold.

Miserable and lonely,

In a world that He behold.


He had given them this season,

To rest simply in His Love.

But worrying about the weather,

They forgot to look above.


So God fashioned a little beauty,

A masterpiece so fine.

And sent it with a message,

“Beloved you are mine!”


“I hold you in my hand,

Never should you worry,

For I your Father send my love,

With each and every flurry.”


So if from this little poem,

There is something that you take.

It’s to look beyond the cold and snow,

And enjoy the beauty of each flake!


When asked about her thoughts on Schoenstatt, Anna Marie Gappa (age 10) said:

“I like Schoenstatt because, you don’t just sit in a classroom and do nothing, and you also can go on retreats every year! It’s not just because it’s fun, but I like it because you can learn something, I think I learned a lot more about Mary than I knew two years ago and I feel that I much closer to her!”

-Anna Gappa age 10
A member of the Girl’s Branch in Keller Texas

When asked to write a little response about our celebration the fiftieth jubilee of Father Kentenich’s return to eternity, I, at first, was more than happy to do so. It was already the second time that week I was asked to write about something Schoenstatt related that others would see, and it humbled me to be able to give testimony to the movement most near and dear to my heart. When I sat down to write this; however, major anxiety and writer’s block set in. What, of everything that took place that day, could I possibly write about? How was whatever I wrote supposed to compare to the three testimonies given that day? Looking back on that day, realizing that authenticity is what really matters gave me the peace to write this.

Up until this day, Father Kentenich was nothing more than Schoenstatt’s founder to me. Sure, I’d read some of his writings, but I had never tried to apply any of his writings to my life. Sure, I’d heard testimonies of his works from people who either knew him personally or have been inspired by him and I’ve been in the Father House, but it never went further than merely wondering “How is this man not a saint yet?” and forgetting most of what I’d heard and seen by the next week. The three testimonies I heard on this day; however opened my mind to a different perspective on Father Kentenich.

The three testimonies had one common theme: It’s not enough to just know about Father Kentenich. If we want him to be a saint, if we want to be witnesses and missionaries to his legacy, we must know him. We are in charge of his canonization, so we must approach him like someone who is in Heaven–never ceasing to ask for his intercession and developing a personal relationship with him. If we are to be effective missionaries of his legacy, simply knowing about it is not enough. After all, how inspiring is a missionary who just rolls facts off their tongue? (Oh right, there’s no such thing). If we are to be effective missionaries of Father Kentenich and his legacy, we must have been inspired by it–we must be deeply rooted in it, and there is no better way to be deeply rooted in a legacy than to be deeply rooted in and personally connected to its founder.”

Virginia Curcio


Easter 2016

Dear Schoenstatt Young Women,

Heartfelt greetings from our Shrine, in the spirit of our year’s motto: Be Love. Live Truth. Reveal Mercy.

The light of Christ’s Resurrection has been lit at the end of a week that began with another blood-shed. The events we commemorated during the Holy Week and this recent event remind us that suffering and persecution are part of a Christian’s life. And, as we have reflected during these past days of retreat, we are convinced that Christ’s mercy is to be revealed in this barbarous world through us. But, we can only reveal Christ’s mercy in our lives, in our countenance, as long as we hold on to that face we have encountered, his goodness and nobility – the kind we have experienced, most of all, through the Covenant of Love with our Mother and Queen in her Shrine.

Mary, too, had to suffer with our Lord, and she too, triumphed over sorrow and violence through her complete trust in God’s goodness, “whose mercy is from age to age” (Lk 1; 50). Both, Jesus and Mary, show the power of life, of love and, of trust. Both show to us the power of God’s mercy. We only need to open our hearts to forgiveness, to nobility, and to the simple recognition of the everyone’s limitations. We only need to open wide the doors of our hearts to our Lord and let him come to life in us.

In our Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother, we actually take a very conscious step toward bringing Christ to life in our hearts and in our souls, toward letting his light shine through us. We only need to live out of it, trust in Mary, and like her remain very close to our Lord. In the words of Father Kentenich, the founder of Schoenstatt:

…if the consecration [to Mary] is looked upon in this expanse and depth, its meaning for individual and community, for peoples and nations is not just a far-reaching, well-deliberated, and conscious decision to strive for the highest of Christian perfection; it is also, because of its Marian character, a proven, a classical way of securing this striving and our salvation, and of bringing about a deep reform of individual and community, of nation and society. (…)

Our efforts in striving to be a little bit like Mary in our daily lives are indeed a very small contribution to such a greatly hostile world. And yet, should we not take the following prompting from Father Kentenich very much to heart during this season of Easter? A woman recalled a number of years after World War II:

Right after the war I traveled for the first time with acquaintances to Schoenstatt. There I got to know Schoenstatt in an introductory course. Father had just returned from Dachau.

One day I was waiting in the hallway of the Retreat House for one of my friends. Fr. Kentenich camp up to me and greeted me cordially. He asked me if I was in Schoenstatt for the first time, where I was from, and a few things about my parish. He said good-bye with the words, “And now… let there be Mary!” I was so impressed. No one had ever spoken to me that way. His words were an incentive for me to strive in my daily life for the high goal to “let there be Mary!”

Should we not also take this tip sincerely into our lives, into our hearts and daily living, so that we can reveal Christ’s mercy, so that we can reflect something of Mary’s love and goodness? Should we not make of our way of being our simplest apostolate? It can become our greatest, and at the same time our smallest, contribution to the salvation of our violent and yet God-needing world: to just simply “let there be Mary” in us, in a world that confines women to rules and prerogatives of a materialistic view, leaving very little room for spiritual growth.

In a few months we will have a great opportunity to discuss in greater depth in our BLOOM2016 conference, in Waukesha. We will start on Friday, June 24 and end on Sunday, June 26. If you have not registered, please make sure you do by using this link:

If you have any question, you can always contact Elizabeth Felsheim:

May this time of Easter be a time of deep renewal of your Covenant of Love! May it be a time to repeat the ‘yes’ you have said to representing Mary for others. In our Covenant of Love we have already heard those words from Father Kentenich. In our Covenant of Love with the MTA we have already set out to bring Christ’s light and life to our world. Let us just simply give way to Mary in our lives, and reveal Christ’s mercy!

May you have a blessed Easter!

Sr. M. Isabel