February 18, 2016

Dear Young Women,

On this Covenant Day, we gather spiritually in the Shrine, be it in our Room Shrines, Heart Shrines – and maybe even at a Schoenstatt Shrine – to thank the Blessed Mother for her faithfulness and love in our lives. Our thanksgiving is offered to her laced with humility.

As we take this time of Lent to reflect on our own very unique way of accompanying our Lord on his way of the Cross, and thus preparing our hearts for the great celebration of Easter, we call to mind our Blank Check surrender. We call to mind the fact that the MTA has chosen us to belong to her, to bring her presence into the lives of all we meet, and to give all for her mission from the Shrine. It humbles us to see how little we are able to do in a world so much in need of Mary, Mother of Mercy – so much in need of the Shrine, too.

How can we, in the day to day, be more effective in living up to our Blank Check surrender? We all learned at one point how to make good use of our Spiritual Daily Order. Our faithfulness to this small part of our spiritual life is extremely decisive, not because of the resolutions we make and write down there. Rather, it turns out to be so decisive because of our faithfulness to it: reading it and marking it at night, calling particular points to mind in different moments throughout the day, and offering all to the Capital of Grace of our Mother and Queen, in her Shrine. This is what makes our work with the SDO so fruitful: our faithfulness to it.

Regardless of what resolutions you may have chosen to keep through your SDO this Lent, I encourage you to embrace them every single day of this holy season, with love, devotion, fervor, and conscious of your mission. We continue to offer every tiny thing for the many youth of our country who are in need of the graces from the Shrine. We just have to remain faithful to her, our Ver Sacrum Patris Queen, our Holy Founder Generation Queen.

Now I wish all of you a richly blessed time of Lent, filled with the presence of our MTA, as the Mother of Mercy, and take your intentions into my prayers when I visit the Shrine,

Sr. M. Isabel