Greetings from the Ver Sacrum Missionaries!

Our first week of mission work reminded us how truly blessed we are. The beginning of our mission has been wonderful and full of so many surprise blessings and graces. Our camp in Lancaster was a huge success! Thank you for the prayers!! It was so beautiful to see how quickly the girls attached themselves to the MTA image. Our days were filled with singing, praying, learning, games, snacks, lunch, and other activities. We were able to have Mass and the Rosary on both days and Fr. John was gracious enough to offer Confession as well. The camp was held at St. Clement Parish in Lancaster, WI. We stayed at the old convent, which was attached to the church and the school. With a whole convent to ourselves and the Marian Chapel only 10 feet away, we felt quite at home!

Our time in Lancaster also allowed for some time to sightsee, explore the adorable downtown shops, and visit with various parishioners from St. Clement. The ladies and families in Lancaster were so generous and made sure that we were welcomed, comfortable, and well fed at all times smile emoticon On Wednesday night (June 17), two ladies took us on a mini road trip to Dubuque for supper on the Mississippi River! On Thursday night (June 18), we had supper with a few young college-aged women from the parish. It truly was a joy to work with Fr. John (who just recently made his Covenant of Love in May!) and all the staff at St. Clement Parish. We are excited to see what the Blessed Mother has in store for them in the future!