Hello from the Ver Sacrum Missionaries! Our time in Waukesha was busy and very productive. Our days were spent preparing material, printing booklets, gathering craft supplies, writing talks and meditations, and finalizing some late minutes details. Most importantly, we were able to be spiritually renewed with time in the shrine and meditations from Sr. Isabel.

We were also able to join the high school missionaries in Waukesha. On Sunday evening (June 14), the high school girls arrived for the high school mission camp. There were over 30 girls who came to offer their service as missionaries for the Hispanic children of the area. Each day, about 50 children came for a day camp offered by the girls. It was beautiful to see how the young ladies each shared the love of the Blessed Mother with the children.

On Tuesday morning (June 16), we had a beautiful send off from the shrine with Fr. Roberts and the high school girls. We were given a special blessing and each received a missionary cross. We could feel the Holy Spirit coming down into our hearts and the Blessed Mother smiling at us! We were ready to be sent out!! As we drove out of the Waukesha parking lot on that Tuesday morning with sunshine and blue skies, we could hear the Father say, “Do you go with me?” And we shouted back, “Yes, Father, we go with you!”