Dear Young Women,

Heartfelt covenant greetings on this June 18!

Right before Father’s day we look up to Heaven and thank God the Father for half a year of blessings which lies behind us. With much gratitude we recall the mercies we have received in our daily lives. How wonderful it would be if we could share with as many people as possible these very same mercies.

Perhaps, the summer break gives us an opportunity to look ahead, too. Would it not be possible that our covenant of love with the Blessed Mother becomes fruitful in our lives through our personal apostolate?

Besides that, is it possible that we step out of our own familiar environment and dare to reach out to those who may benefit from a moment of connecting to the Shrine and to the Blessed Mother, even to Fr. Kentenich and other noble young women? Would you dare to do something in this regard in your college, with your friends, or with some of your  co-workers?

May our MTA continue to guide all of you in the steps of Divine Providence that you may never lose sight of God’s mercies in your lives, and thus be able to share it with others. I am sure the Blessed Mother will show us the best way to reach out to those who need exactly what we have received in such abundance.


With prayers from our Shrine,

Sr. M. Isabel