Dear Young Women,

The month of May,  the month of Mary has begun! With great joy we turn to our Mother and Queen who has chosen us to live a life out of the Covenant of Love with her. In the Schoenstatt Shrine we recall the many moments we have come to the altar of love of our MTA with our requests of love, and with our offerings, our contributions to her Capital of Grace. Today, and every day of this month we offer our love to her anew.

Again and again we come, either physically or spiritually, to the Shrine, in order to place into her hands our proofs of love. The month of May is thus a time to live our Covenant of Love to the fullest extent, because it is a time in which we are called to show, to prove our love for Mary in a variety of ways: our deeds of faithfulness to our daily duties, our constancy in a deep life of prayer, or our striving to keep our hearts and our thoughts pure, are a few among many.

Perhaps this year we are called to add the corporal and spiritual works of mercy as part of our list of tiny contributions to the Capital of Grace, which we offer with great love.

All of us can offer these and many other May blossoms to the Mother of God. Let us not waste any opportunity.

Wishing you much strength and guidance as some of you face the the weeks and days of final exams and decisive projects,

I remember you in our Shrine,

Sr. M. Isabel