When I first heard there was a college age retreat at Schoenstatt, I was ecstatic. I am not able to visit the Shrine very often, being at St. Norbert College in De Pere, but this was an exciting opportunity. My expectations going into the retreat were to take some time away from the chaoticness of life, recenter myself, and catch up with old friends. As the retreat was centered around Fr. Kentenich, we were able to hear many stories about Fr. Kentenich and some of the Schoenstatt Sisters interactions with him. By retreat’s end, I had a new view and understanding of Fr. Kentenich; he became more real to me as a human person. Each story I heard increased my appreciation of his genuine attentiveness to each person he met and the very simple ways which he showed God’s love to others.

I was also able to spend quite a bit of time in silence and prayer in the Shrine and recenter myself. We all experience the constant busyness and stress of life, we all need that time to unwind and remind ourselves of what is really important. Sr. Paulette told us that “the main thing must always remain the main thing”. In other words, each day, each moment in our lives has its own purpose. If we are constantly focused on what is going to happen next or what has happened in the past, we are not focused on what is happening right now; the moment we have right now is a gift.

This weekend reminded me to appreciate the here and now, to spend more time with those I love and care for, and take time to appreciate the simple and joyful moments everyday.