What another wonderful Christmas Holiday I had again this year. Each day we had amazing music to wake up to, had morning prayer in the shrine, ate breakfast, then we would have a talk to listen to by Sr. Faustina or one of the camp missionaries, we had Helping Hands and would help with the dishes being done, so the dining room and clean the tables and sweep, we would help sister in the kitchen and make cookies. After we would get together again and have a talk or a activity outside!! It was such a beautiful time to be at the shrine during the Christmas season with the shrine decorated with lights and the manger scene out. I love how the atmosphere is there and all the beautiful times we had together. We had Adoration in the shrine for an hour one of the days. I really loved it so peaceful and calm in the shrine. One of the nights we drove into town and saw the Christmas lights up in the park and all the displays up…. it was very pretty and VERY cold to walk around to see all the different things that were up. Every day we had Mass in the shrine it was so cool. I love having Mass in the shrine so much. The most thing I enjoyed there was the sisters and the individual girls that came for the Christmas Holiday. It was very nice to see all of them and meet them. I definitely can’t wait for next year’s Christmas Holiday!!!!!!!!


~Kate W. MN