The Covenant of Love and its Importance

On December 1st, 2018, standing in the Schoenstatt Shrine in the humble town of Sleepy Eye, I made my covenant of love and began my Schoenstatt mission that would change my life. However, this isn’t where the story starts. The story starts with the formation of a girls’ group back in 2010. After 8 years of monthly meetings that formed the hearts, minds, and souls of us six girls, Sister Faustina decided it was time for us to make our covenant of love. We began our immediate covenant preparation the night before with a lovely dinner full of laughter, jokes, and delicious food. After that, we listened to testimonies of girls who had already made their covenant. I was finally beginning to understand just what I was getting myself into – and I was so excited! We decorated what would be our covenant candles and in them, you could see the personality of every girl; personalities that would soon be joined with the personality of our Blessed Mother. After nearly an hour of beautiful adoration in the Shrine and the writing of our personal covenant prayers, we settled in for a night of peace before the big day. I was so excited that I woke up early to spend time with my Christ before committing myself to His Glorious Mother. Then, the ceremony began. As we read our covenant prayers and declared our promises to the Queen of Heaven and Earth, to our families, friends, and fellow participants in the covenant, my heart began to grow with the love of my Mother. I could sense her very real presence and feel the joy of committing myself fully and totally to her and her Son. What I share with Mary now is a total exchange of hearts. The covenant is so important to me because it has changed the way I live. I am so much more in love with the beauties of this world and so much more intertwined with God’s divine will for me. There is nothing quite like the covenant of love. To receive the heart of Jesus’ mother and to give your heart to her is to seal a vow to strive for sainthood. Because of all of this, I can truly say: I have been changed; I am no longer the same.  


Sent by Cayna Larson, Diocesan Leader of Minnesota